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Women with the same rights and freedoms as others have as individuals in democratic societies may stil be exposed to some discriminatory practices in some parts of the world. In some societies, while there are glass ceilings for women’s business life, male-dominated practices are apparent in some. It is no doubt that such unequal practices of the past can be overcome by binding legal arrangements. These legal arrangements, which can prevent the imposition of specific missions to women within the society, will directly affect the prosperity and development level of the society in the long run.

The 1st International Women Congress: The Place of Women in Socio-Legal Perspective organised by E-Journal of Law will be held on December 5-9, 2018 in Samsun/Turkey. The Congress aims to bring academics, women’s rights advocates, lawyers, sociologists, activists, representatives of civil society and other practitioners who would like to make contributions to the field.

The work to be sent to the congress can be realized as oral presentation, poster presentation and virtual presentation.