There have been different practices regarding the place of women in society throughout the history. A significant portion of these practices have also developed against women. However, in the present century, although there is a difference between countries, women have the same rights and obligations as men. In all civilized societies of the 21st century, women can find a place in any position. In spite of this victory over the professional life of women, it is seen that in some societies there are glass ceilings that may prevent women from rising. Although there are no physical prohibitions or barriers, this perception of women’s development and professionalism is unacceptable.

The 2nd International Congress: The Place of Women in Socio-Legal Spheres organised by  E-Journal of Law will be held on June 20, 2021 in Paris/France. The Congress aims to bring academics, women’s rights advocates, lawyers, sociologists, activists, representatives of civil society and other practitioners who would like to make contributions to the field.

This year’s theme for the congress will be “Breaking glass ceilings in women’s lives“.